MAE 2030 Dynamics (2021SP)

MAE 2030 Dynamics (2021SP)


  • Lectures

 MWF, 1:30 -  2:20.   Thurston 203 (in person) and Zoom (online),    Lecture Notes,      Lecture Matlab examples

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 UPSON 142 (in person) and Zoom (online)
  • Professor
 Andy Ruina
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 Office Hours Schedule (please turn your camera on)
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 Ed Discussion <-- Use this instead of email
  • Textbook
 Introduction to Statics and Dynamics by Andy Ruina and Rudra Pratap. Available for free here.
  • Homework
 Assignments & Solutions,  Old Solutions (use with caution),   Logistics, philosophy and style,   Grading Formula 
  • Exams
 (1) March 4th 8:30pm        (2) April 8th 6:30pm        (3) May 6th 6:30pm        (F) May 19th 7:30pm








    • Vectors
         Notation, addition dot products, cross products; manipulation of scalar/vector equations.
    • Statics  
        The first half of MAE 2020 - Statics and Mechanics of Solids, especially free body diagrams.
    • ODEs   
         Basics; getting nth order ODEs into 1st order form for numerical solutions; Euler's method. 
         First and second order constant coefficient ODEs and solutions.
    • Linear Algebra   
         Matrix form of linear equations (algebraic, but also for ODEs).
    • MATLAB  
         Basic facility needed, but will be refreshed and expanded.  See below for some resources.


Course Components and Grading

Andy's thoughts about grading, posted on the world wide web here.
The formula for your grade in this course will be approximately this.

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