The Importance of Networking in Online MBA Programmes

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Tired of diligently applying on job portals like LinkedIn, Naukri, Indeed, Glassdoor etc.? But are still not getting any response, or repeatedly receiving " We appreciate your interest and the time you invested in applying for the position. We regret to inform you that you did not make it to the next round." Or maybe you are receiving the second template used by HR Managers, "Unfortunately, we have made the difficult decision of not taking your candidature to the next step." Sometimes, it is very disheartening to read these emails, right? Not even appearing for the interview and still receiving frustratingly familiar rejections at the shortlisting stage. But don't worry!  We have got an incredibly useful hack that will surely land you on the interview chair.


Before we spill the beans about this hack, consider this survey done by LinkedIn, over 85% of job openings are filled through networking. Now you can guess the hack we are going to unveil. Yes, you guessed it right- Networking and Building Connections. 


When it comes to networking, the first thing that pops into our mind is pursuing an MBA. Undoubtedly, an MBA is one of the best ways and most effective ways to build connections. It provides you a platform to connect with your peers coming from diverse backgrounds, your esteemed professors and seasoned industry experts. 


In this digital era, when students are opting for distance or online learning courses, this blog will dive deep into the importance of networking within the realm of online MBA courses, and how it will help you to propel your career to new heights. 


The Importance of Networking in Online MBA Programmes

"Your network is your net worth." - Jim Rohn, American Entrepreneur, Author and Motivational Speaker.


In the realm of your professional career, your network holds exceptional value. Whether it is related to finding a job, a career switch or setting up your own venture, it can help you in every aspect. As we mentioned before, an MBA  is the most effective way to cultivate your networks. For instance, imagine yourself working in a startup, and your company is in need of raw material, and coincidentally one of your connections is working in a manufacturing company or owns one. Now think about how effortlessly you generated business for both your company and your connection. It is a win-win scenario for all the parties. 


The more quality professional connections you have, the more quality opportunities you get. Following are some of the major benefits of networking in online MBA courses.


1. Quality Opportunities

For most of us, post-graduation marks the last phase of our student life where we enjoy the support of our families and minimal responsibilities. Our parents have supported us all our lives but as soon as we enter the real world, it is beckoned with responsibilities. It is necessary to find a job to survive, make numerous attempts to enter the corporate world and face rejections. Thus, the network we built during our online MBA became an asset for this transition. As we grow in our lives, these connections will play a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of our professional careers. 


2. Career Switch/ Job Switch

Many times what happens is that life takes twists and turns and as we advance in our careers, we often develop new interests leading to a desire for change, in that case, your network offers you invaluable leverage. It helps you transition into a new career, new role, or fresh opportunities. 


We often see job switches lead to a salary hike, or sometimes a change in work culture. So our connections are one of the best ways in which we can change our careers or look for job switch opportunities. 


3. Expand Your Horizons

Expanding your horizons can be beneficial to you before entering into the corporate world, it can help you thrive in your career, and stay ahead of the competition.  While you are pursuing your online MBA, networking can be the key driver to broaden your horizons. Online MBA attracts a wide range of students and interacting with this diverse pool of students helps you build new perspectives and gain valuable insights that can be helpful in the near future. 


Interacting with your professors, taking part in group activities and being active in other social activities are the best ways in which you can gain knowledge, and generate new ideas to broaden your horizons.


4. Boosts Confidence and Self-Esteem 

Many people are under the misconception that networking is solely helpful in reference to exposing you to a new world of opportunities. But it is far more than that! It is a catalyst to your personal growth. But how? Interacting with your peers and building your network will help you become more confident and often helps to boost your self-esteem. Engaging with them can help you improve your communication skills, and the insights gained from your connections will help you excel at your workplace.


How to Build a Strong Professional Network? 

So far, you have got a gist of why networking is so important. Following are some of the ways to build your network in an online MBA:


  • Start from the basics, interact with your peers, and be attentive in class
  • Know your professors, exchange your ideas, ask for advice, and connect with them
  • Alumni are your troops, connect with as many alumni members as you can
  • Now that you have covered your home, it is time to navigate your city and connect with fellow MBA students through various social media platforms
  • Take part in competitions, case studies, and student exchange programmes
  • Attend webinars, seminars, and other business networking events
  • Build a strong LinkedIn presence


Concluding Thoughts

Building networks is akin to helping you fight in the corporate battlefield. Aspiring Online MBA students should find ways to cultivate their networks. Networks will help you preserve and seize opportunities for personal and career growth. Efforts should be directed to connect with your peers, professors, alumni and industry solvents to thrive in your career. 

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